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Company History

Emerald Carpet Care is a family owned company that was originally started in 1994 by Norm Mellick in Puyallup, WA and has been expanding ever since. While taking extensive training and certification courses all over the country dating back to the early 1990’s, Norm was able to build a strong foundation for a company that would continue to grow and include his family as well. Taylor Mellick began working with his father part-time when he was 15 and began learning about the family business.

Overtime, Norm watched his son Taylor develop leadership skills and made him Co-owner and Vice President of the company. Together the father and son duo strive to build a reputable company that exceeds all standards while still holding onto their core values of integrity, ethics, respect, trust, innovation, vision, drive and passion.

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Experience Excellence

Core Values

Integrity And Ethics

Integrity is an internal system of principles which guides our behavior. People of integrity are guided by a set of core principles that empowers them to behave consistently to a high standard. The core principles of integrity are virtues, such as: compassion, dependability, generosity, honesty, kindness, loyalty, maturity, objectivity, respect, trust and wisdom. Ethics is an external system of rules guides our actions. Exercising professional judgment with integrity, competence, diligence, respect and in an ethical manner with the public.

Respect and Trust

Trust places complete confidence in another person or group with a reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, and surety. Having confidence in the certainty of goods and services received or offered. Respect is esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability.

Innovation and Vision

Innovation takes place through the provision of more-effective products, processes, services, and technologies through our training certifications. Effective innovative leaders are able to take an idea, put it into action, then create a vision. This will equip our team with the knowledge, skills, direction and confidence to have a successful career path.

Drive and Passion

Everyone has dreams and aspirations which they hope to achieve in life but those people who go on and attain these goals have an unwavering drive and determination. Drive is an unnatural forced encouragement from within. Passion is an innate desire to engage in an activity that brings about intense joy.When passion and drive intersect, it can create a very powerful force that can propel you to a different level. It creates a sense of flow that is thoroughly enjoyable, effortless leaving you with a feeling of purpose and accomplishment.